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Knowing the origin of the product is extremely important. Since the quality of the products cannot be inspected just by looking at the eggs, we must know the production chain at its full lenght. In Munax we know. Perfect traceability starts form harvesting the crops, feeding our hens only the highest quality grain and making sure our farms are clean, functional and animal friendly.

At our packing station, we inspect every egg with UV-desinfection, and control every detail of laying, packing, processing and delivering to customer. We are FSSC 22000 certified company and we can quarantee our customers best possible quality.

High quality eggs taste different, because healthy chickens lay the best eggs. Our chickens are salmonella free, not treated with hormones or antibiotics, and their feed is GMO free. We produce organic, free range, barn and enriched gage egg products. All of our eggs comes from pure Finnish farms. We make the northernmost eggs.

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Our History

Munax Oy was founded in 2003 by three families who are also egg producers. Today over seventy people are working at Munax. Eggs are delivered from over 60 contract producers. We offer our customers eggs and egg products all from same place. The packing facility is located right by main road 8 about 7 km from Laitila city towards Rauma. Munax is easy to reach!

The eggs are marketed under the Laitilan Kanatarha brand and as Private label products. We have organic, free range, barn and enriched eggs.

Egg products are marketed under the Laitilan Proegg brand. Our newest product, Laitilan Proegg Protein Smoothie, was launched 2015. The Smoothie is ready to drink and is rich with high-quality protein, The Smoothie is also dairy-free and gluten-free and has no added sugar. The Protein Smoothie was nominated Product of the Year in Western Finland.

”We have organic, free range, barn and enriched eggs”

Janne Torikka, managing director of Munax, was rewarded winner of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year contest in Finland, in the Production category.

Munax has the internationally noted FSSC 22000 Food safety certificate.

Faith in the egg led Munax Oy to win the Provincial entrepreneur prize 2015.

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