Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is important to us, because happy chickens lay the best eggs. At Munax we know what is happening in our production chain: how the feed is produced, where the eggs are being laid, the welfare of the chicken, and how the eggs are packed. With quality control we are able to ensure chicken welfare.

It’s difficult to estimate the quality of eggs just by looking at them. That makes it even more important to have full knowledge of the origin. Our task is to maintain the excellence of the egg on its way to your table.

Environmental liability

The quality of the egg is difficult to assess from the outside. Therefore, it is important to know where the egg comes from. At Munax Oy, we know what’s going on in our chain: how chicken chicks live and what they eat, how feed is produced and how eggs are packed. That way we can promise you a quality egg. At Munax, environmental issues are particularly well taken. One significant thing for the environment is that we have set out to dry the wet manure of the chickens. The manure is dried by the heat produced by the chickens themselves immediately on the farm. Dry hygienized organic approved fertilizer binds carbon back into the soil and no runoff occurs in the water.

Recycling and minimizing the amount of waste is under constant development. Paper, cardboard, and plastics are recycled, energy waste is sorted from mixed waste, and is burned to energy. Egg shells are used for lime stone in the fields, and side products are used to enrich animal feed.

We take the environment into consideration in all daily actions and purchases. We collect eggs in plastic trays which can be used over and over again. The circulation life is up to 10 years for a tray. We drive our eggs ourselves which gives us the opportunity to plan the routes smart to avoid unnecessary miles.

Munax Oy is a member of The Environmental Register of Packaging RINKI.

Food safety

We have FSSC 22000 food safety certificate which guides all daily actions to ensure a safe end product for the consumer.

To maintain a high hygiene standard, we have regular internal hygiene education and professional training for the Finnish Hygiene Proficiency exam.

The eggs in Finland are salmonella free. This is no co-incidence, but a result of a strict salmonella control program. We follow the Finnish Food Authority Ruokavirasto’s regulations for salmonella testing in all our production facilities. We also monitor that our producers follow their salmonella testing program.

Responsible Purchasing Policy

To become a contract producer, the producer have to fill in a form with information of the layers. This gives us the required knowledge about the chickens. We know our producers to maintain an implicit tracking of the raw material.

We require that material suppliers follow the EU legislation. We demand food safety certificate if the material is directly in contact with food.

Customer promises

We always aim to 100 % delivery assurance with agreed quality, amount and delivery time. We want to be flexible and reliable supplier that meet the changing needs for our customers and consumers. The products we deliver are always of high quality and are safe to use.

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