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The Company Behind Eggs

Shell eggs

Salmonella-free shell eggs:

  • organic
  • free range
  • barn eggs
  • enriched cage eggs

It is difficult to estimate the quality of eggs just by looking at them. That makes it even more important to have full knowledge of the origin. At Munax Ltd. we know what is happening in our production chain: How the feed is produced, where the eggs are being laid, the welfare of the chicken and how the eggs are packed. Thanks to this we can fully guarantee the quality of our eggs. Our eggs come from Finnish farms.

Egg products

Shell eggs are a fabulous natural product, but we also produce other great egg products for the food industry, bakeries and catering. We offer our customers eggs and egg products all from same place. In the summer 2015 Munax was granted the internationally noted FSSC 22000 Food safety certificate.

Quality egg products made in Finland quaranteed salmonella-free.

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Our Egg Products:

  • Laitilan Proegg Smoothie
  • Munax Protein Smoothie
  • Boiled and peeled eggs
  • Egg powders
  • Butter Egg Spread
  • Cooked egg white
  • Egg White Cubes
  • Long Egg
  • Liquid Egg (Whole Egg + Egg Yolk + Egg White)
  • Frozen Liquid Egg (Whole Egg + Egg Yolk + Egg White)

Laitilan Proegg

Products are ready to use. By using our egg products, our customers save time, money and hassle without compromising the good quality.

Liquid whole eggs
Liquid egg yolks
Liquid egg whites

Ligued eggs – whole egg | egg white | egg yolk
We can supply in range of packeging from 0,5 litee to 1000 litres. Packing options: gable-top cartons, bag-in-box and pallecons. Custom made mixes for special needs.