Shell eggs

    Hens are fed with pure organic feed and have access to
    outdoor activities. Eggs are GMO free.
    Hens play outside all year round on our free range farms,
    and enjoy feed for active hens. Eggs are GMO free.
    Free hens that stroll indoors, take peat baths, and are
    fed with nutritionally valuable feed.
    Hens are fed with tastiest oat and fiber rich food that has
    been grown under the Finnish sun.

Our eggs are laid in vital Finnish, family owned farms. Our egg production is 100 % traceable, salmonella free, non-hormonal, non-antibiotic and we use only responsibly produced and environmentally safe soy albumin. In Finland we care about the environment, animal welfare and customer satisfaction.

Egg products

Shell eggs are a fabulous natural product, but we also produce other great egg products for the food industry, bakeries and catering.

We offer our customers eggs and egg products all from same place. In the summer 2015 Munax was granted the internationally noted FSSC 22000 Food safety certificate.

Quality egg products made in Finland guaranteed salmonella-free.

With our convenient products you will:

  • Have quaranteed food safety
  • Add efficiency of your kitchen
  • Reduce waste
  • Extentend shelf life
  • Use environemental-friendly carton packs
  • Save time and labor

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Our Egg Products:

  • Boiled and peeled eggs
  • Egg powders
  • Butter Egg Spread
  • Cooked egg white
  • Egg White Cubes
  • Long Egg
  • Liquid Egg (Whole Egg + Egg Yolk + Egg White)
  • Frozen Liquid Egg (Whole Egg + Egg Yolk + Egg White)
  • Munax Protein Smoothie (Orange, Blueberry, Apple-vanilla and Lime)

Laitilan Proegg for professionals

Products are ready to use. By using our egg products, our customers save time, money and hassle without compromising the good quality.

  • Liquid whole eggs
  • Liquid egg yolks
  • Liquid egg whites

We can supply in range of packaging from 0,5 liter to 1000 liters. Packing options: gable-top cartons, bag-in-box and Pallecon containers. Custom made mixes for special needs.