The Organic egg captivated the Finnish heart

Most of the organic eggs laid in Finland are packed at Munax. About 4 % of the production is organic eggs, and the share is yearly increasing. The Finnish people have discovered the organic egg.

Organic hens, compared to the regular hen, have more space to roam with a stocking density of 6 hens/m². The organic hens have perches and nests to lay eggs in. There has to be windows at least 5 % of the total floor area used. In summertime the hens have access to pasture.

”more space to roam”

Organic hens are fed with organically produced feed. The feed consists of Finnish grains such as oats, barley and wheat. As source for protein beans, peas and soy are used. The diet is supplemented with cold pressed rape oil and linseed oil.

The flock size of the organic chicken is limited to a maximum amount of 3.000 birds. The chickens are also provided snacks, such as hey or carrots.

The quality of the egg shows the welfare of the chicken, because the feed affects both, the appearance and the taste of the egg. We care about animal welfare – happy chickens lay the best tasting eggs! Our eggs come from Finnish farms.

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Organic egg

The organic egg is categorized at Munax into four different weight categories: XL (78 g/pcs), L (68 g/pcs), M (58 g/pcs) and S (48 g/pcs). M and L category eggs end up in egg cartons on the market shelves when XL and S size eggs are served in restaurants and canteens to organic egg lovers. The egg is candled and photographed in the process of packing to ensure the highest quality for our customers. The eggs are also stamped with codes for producer-, way of production and country of origin. In this way we can trace the egg all the way back to its home farm.

The organic egg tastes organic because the taste from the organic food given to the hen is transferred into the egg. For example is the yolk much darker in eggs laid by a hen that has eaten lots of grass. The organic eggs packed by Munax are labeled Laitilan Kanatarha.

Explore the taste of high quality Laitilan Kanatarha eggs which are also GMO free! Our eggs come from Finnish farms.