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  • Organic
  • Free Range
  • Barn Eggs
  • GMO Free Barn Eggs
  • Enriched Eggs

All our eggs are available in different sizes – customized for your needs!

It is difficult to estimate the quality of eggs just by looking at them. That makes it even more important to have full knowledge of the origin. At Munax we know what is happening in our production chain: How the feed is produced, where the eggs are being laid, the welfare of the chicken and how the eggs are packed. Thanks to this we can fully guarantee the quality of our eggs. Our task is to maintain the excellence of the egg on its way to your table.

The quality of the egg shows the welfare of the chicken because the feed affects both the appearance and the taste of the egg. We care about animal welfare – happy chickens lay the best-tasting eggs! Our eggs come from Finnish farms.

Munax Proegg Protein Smoothie

Laitilan Proegg Protein Smoothie is created by Munax’s innovative Finnish product development team. The product contains 85 % pasteurised liquid egg white and berry and fruit puree. The smoothie is a real award winner with already several nominations. The Protein Smoothie was nominated Product of the Year in Western Finland.

”Product of the year in Western Finland! For snack, drinks, porridge, baking and desserts!”

Laitilan Proegg Smoothie is ideal as a part of a healthy diet for the whole family. It is suitable for breakfast, a high-protein snack, weight control and indulgence.

  • natural berries & fruits
  • No added sugar
  • Rich with high quality protein, contains 12 egg whites
  • Manufactured in Laitila of Finnish eggs
  • Taste test winner
  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • 0% cholesterol
  • 0% lactose
  • 0% fat

On social media:
Cheat Clean blog’s Kia tested smoothie with porridge. Smoothie gave the porridge more flavour, color and it kept the hunger away better!

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Butter & Egg Spread

A Finnish spread made of lactose-free butter and hard boiled egg crumbs. A ready to use spread for breads, fillings and pastry. Easy to apply and delicious flavour! Shelf life is unopened 21 days without any food additives.

• Lactose-free • Gluten-free • High quality ingredients • Manufactured in Laitila of Finnish eggs and butter

Butter & egg spread’s commercial:

Munax Laitilan Proegg Liquid Egg White

A great product for porridges, protein drinks, omelettes, banana pancakes, egg white pizza, cooking and baking. The product is pasteurized and completely safe to use.

Start a day with delicious protein coffee ”egguccino”! The coffee is simply to make, just whip the egg white, add little bit of sweetener and add it to your coffee. Picture below.

• Rich with high quality protein • Low-calorie • No carbohydrates • Manufactured in Laitila of Finnish eggs • Dairy-free • Gluten-free • 0% cholesterol
• 0% lactose • 0% fat

Hanna Skyttä is using Laitilan Proegg Liquid Egg White for cooking. Right above you´ll find 5-minute grain-free and protein-rich microwave bread. More blogs and recipes in Finnish here and here.

Hanna Skyttä | Hanna Skyttä Instagram

Munax Laitilan Proegg Egg White Roll

First presentation for Laitilan Proegg cooked Egg white in Finland!

Laitilan Proegg cooked Egg white is Finnish and ready to use. Prepared egg white can be used in salads, dishes, sandwiches or as a snack.


Prepared, 100 % real egg white in the bar
Dairy free, lactose free, gluten free
Fat free, cholesterol free
About 18g protein/ portion
Produced in Laitila, Finland
Package size 180 g


Plenty of long-lasting protein with good absorption
Low calorie
No additives
Filling, keeps the hunger away for a long time


The product is suitable for daily use
As a part of a healthy diet for the whole family
For athletes, sportsmen, pregnant women, children and elderly people
For weight watching, diets and for building muscle mass


Ready-to-eat, just peal the cover and enjoy!
Slice in salads, food, on sandwiches, for dipping och as it is
Breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, evening meal, before and after training
At home, at work, excellent picnic snack for trips and excursions
A fat free and healthy replacement for cheese such as mozzarella and feta
A perfect choice for a healthy quick snack and instead of protein bars

Recommendation: no restrictions, contains only pure egg white!

Ingredients: pasteurized liquid egg white, salt (0,5%)

Storage: +2 – +6°C, opened product should be consumed within 3 days.

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