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Munax Ltd. – Highest Quality Egg Products from the Arctic

Munax’s production starts form harvesting the crops, feeding our hens only the highest quality grain and making sure our farms are hygienic, functional and animal friendly. We inspect every egg with UV-disinfection system, and we have the most modern egg breaking facility in the world.

Our food defense program controls every detail of laying, packing, and processing before delivering the ready product to customer. We are FSSC 22000 certified and can guarantee our customers real quality with:

• No Salmonella
• No antibiotics
• No hormones
• No avian influensa
• No pesticides
• No GMO

The Safest Food

Finland is known for having the safest environment for food production. Our long winters, pure air and clean water assets keep the soil optimal for producing the best products.

Expertice about the complete supply chain together with the optimal Finnish conditions allows us to proudly serve our customers with our food service solutions.
Munax has also been rewarded with the Key flag symbol from the Association of Finnish Work to represent the origin and the quality of the products.


With our convenient products you will:

  • Have quaranteed food safety
  • Add efficiency of your kitchen
  • Reduce waste
  • Extentend shelf life
  • Use environemental-friendly carton packs
  • Save time and labor

Foodservice & Horeca

Munax Ltd. provides complete egg solutions for food service, bakeries and retail chains. With our functional products you will have more time for cooking! Let us take care for your exact menuing needs and help you run a safe and smart kitchen.

Pasteurized Munax egg products are made in clean manufacturing facilities in a strict control, our products improve the efficiency of the kitchen with hygienic and convenient packaging.


Food safety is everything. We offer high quality shell eggs for your menuing needs. Hygienic, safe and tasty eggs ensure running a successful kitchen, bakery or food production. Finnish eggs are 100% salmonella free, every egg is inspected, graded and packed carefully before delivering fresh to customer. Our hens are fed with purest feed and are not treated with any antibiotics or hormones. Food service shell eggs are also available in organic or barn production. Ask for more!