All eggs are laid in vital Finnish, family owned farms. Egg production is 100 % GMO free, salmonella free and non-antibiotic. We never trim hen’s beak either.

Our feed grain is produced in Finland. Thanks for the clean air and water, as well as grain drying, feed is salmonella free. The pesticide residues in Finland are the lowest in the whole of EU (EFSA study 2017).

We can guarantee full traceability of the entire production chain that we are using.

Our hens are grown from chicks to adults in healthy environment under strict control.

Customer is the king – or should we say the rooster, who can choose where the mother hens lay their eggs.
We have enriched cage eggs, barn eggs, free range eggs and organic eggs available.

Contact us!

Munax Office (Laitila, Finland)
+358 2 858 3400
Open at 9 am to 3 pm, EET (UTC +2)

Heikki Harismaa
+358 400 520 576 EET (UTC +2)